An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered.

These past three weeks have been strange and peculiar. It’s been an dark adventure. Purposefully trying to push yourself away from what you know and feel comfortable with is rather stressful and mentally challenging. Futhermore, trying to done the hat of public performer in real-life situations can result in making you look like someone’s who’s lost their marbles. I’ve become a confuddled traveller, lost without really knowing where they’re trying to get to. So, in such a situation, it’s very difficult for someone to help me get on track.

But then a meeting with Martin and Jenny is a godsend. Professional needle navigates I’d call them. Picking out routes you’ve taken that can potentially reach the needle in the haystack. And amongst all this confusion, the roots of this thesis do lie in error. Not the error we know today, but the original root of the word – meaning “to wander”, “go astray”, “walk at random” and, my favourite, a “vagabonde of the imagination.” As I’m using error as a method, it’s not surprising I feel just a little lost.

The Goal is to have no Goal.

So said John Cage. But this is extremely hard! I’m a designer by trade, and deep in my soul, I need a need. I need a reason, a meaning. Otherwise this all does feel a little meaningless.

I presented a recap of the research I’d been doing, which I’ll post later. And from this several paths seemed to be the strongest. A few final words set me on an idea inspired by Kacie Kinzer’s Tweenbots. I want to design a range of Wrobots – robots that are a bit wrong. They all need a bit of help to complete their task. First is a direct translation of the Tweenbots, but seeing if a smiley face makes a difference in how empathetic people feel. Quite excited about this, as this type of project is right up my street, about error exciting empathy, AND in the public space. Another project to follow it The Lost Notebook which is a tricky one, but interesting.