Beautiful Steps #2


I just came across this amazing staircase by swiss artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann. The construction itself is enough to make my tummy spin. At first look, I thought this was a functioning staircase, and was amazed it could have gotten past all the safety regulations (I know all about the domestic side of this from looking to install a staircase in my flat in London). However, the fact that Lang and Baumann are called artists, rather than architects or designers, gives the game away. This is art, not design, and thus does not to conform.

But it’s not just this. After the read more you’ll see what happens when the sun shines through the staircase.


The steps become an architectural addition that also create an aesthetic effect through nature’s interaction. Beautiful. Just makes me wonder what Beautiful Steps #1 were like.

I’ve been reading a lot about playground design lately, and the reams of safety regulations architects and designers need to get through seem to suck the fun and exploration out of the playing. Risk is being designed out of play. For something then to have risk designed into it, must it then become art to get away with it?