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Today I almost fell for this. I received an email from the HM Revenue & Customs at 9:11 in the morning saying I’d received a tax refund for £988.50. Now the timing here is important. In the morning my brain takes a while to start working. This morning was no different and I didn’t think twice about this emails ‘simple’ html layout and clicked the link. Now if the above page had not been there I would have ignorantly proceeded to ultimately entering in my bank details to regain my refund.

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Clicking through to the fake HM Revenue website, my addled morning brain wouldn’t have even noticed the dodgy design. Only the url – – would have given it away.

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Clicking on a bank icon takes you to a page that is skinned exactly like your bank’s page. Again it’s only the url that gives it away.

In a very similar way I did this with the notebooks project. However rather than designed for scamming someone, the person was scamming me.

Notebook Development


I’ve been testing more notebooks – this time in Newcastle, UK. Newcastle has a similar size and feel to Stockholm, and so provides a good city to compare cultural responses to my exercises in error.

There are two type of notebooks – one has white lettering on the outside (marked), the other is plain (unmarked).

The first notebook (marked) I dropped, after 30 minutes, no one picked up. The second (unmarked) I dropped I had someone running up to me immediately to try to give it back. The third, two rough characters eyed it up but refrained from picking it up. Finally someone did pick it up. Now it’s waiting to see if they are curious enough to follow the clues…




The Notebook Project

Inspired by the fake websites and email that scammers create online to fool users into entering secure financial information, this project takes the same approach in order to reverse the tables, and turn the scammee’s into the scammers.

Various notebooks are left around the city. All contain information for a bank account and login details which lead to a fake online banking website. The question is to see just how moralistic the swedish moral-superpower really is.

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