Aakash Nihalani and Nina Mrsnik

Aakash Nihalani
Aakash Nihalani
Aakash Nihalani

Nina Mrsnik

What I like about these tape interventions is they’re so accessible – anyone could use tape and go round their city commenting on other ways to use their environment. It gives me an idea for a workshop I’m planning to do with some children in Stockholm – about re-imagining uses for their surroundings.

Designing Error


Ingvild Stovring from the Oslo School of Architecture has produced something that is very much in tune with this thesis project. Stovring has produced a book, or more a form of error manual, on how errors can improve products and services. In her own words:

This project is about exploring unexpected outcomes. Is it possible to use errors as an inspiration and a generator for new, fresh ideas and design solutions? Instead of trying to avoid errors, I wanted to learn from them and explore how they could improve a service / design.

Today products are being produced by machinery that is so accurate and clever that mistakes seldom or never occur. This has lead to a homogenic appearance, where every product within its category looks almost the same. This can easily be described as a lack of “personality”.

Alot of the content look very much along the lines of my methodology into nonsense and computer errors in real life. I’m trying to get ahold of her book as I’m interested to see how’s she has categorised the errors and used them to create new designs.

Thanks to Stina for the link.